Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Minimalistic Nail Art

Hello Beauties!

I know a lot of people who really like the idea of nail art, but who don't like the clutter. Some nail art looks are complicated and some even overdone, but there are some options for the girl who likes to keep things simple.

Sophisticated, suited for the workplace and clean are words I'd use to describe the following images. These are also good ideas for people who are just starting out with painting the nail art and want simpler designs to begin with. All of these images are from a google search.

Simple and minimal for the win. :) And all of these are really easy to achieve. What I didn't feature here is the ombre trend. You can always just paint every nail another colour in the same colour family, from light to dark. You can do a French gradient too, with the tip and base of the nail painted in different shades and blending into one another. Or another trend is to just do one nail a different colour from the rest!

See you tomorrow!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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