Monday, 24 November 2014

WIP - Sisters With Blisters and Good Food

Hello beauties!

So this weekend was a hectic one. But I'll get to that in a moment.

Just a quick and important notice that the blog posts in the next while may be either late, quicker posts or non-existent, as we're scheduled to be without power at regular intervals. Or maybe not so regular. We're experiencing massive electricity problems in South Africa at the moment and it's said that it'll get worse progressively now. So if you don't hear from me when you're supposed to, please understand it's because I have no power and a busy little one year old. :)

Anyway, on to the weekend.

Friday went down without anything major. But I got up bright and early on Saturday morning to go do the Sisters with Blisters 5 km walk against women and child abuse. My mom, Liani, Franco, Lizanne and adorable little Liamé were my walking companions. You know, along with the other four thousand odd walkers and dogs.

We set off from Monte Casino and walked the walk! I took some video footage of the walk, but unfortunately it came out really badly, so you'll have to make do with the obscene amount of photos I took. :D Have a look.

When we were done, Jan and this little cutie came to take us home. Don't you just LOVE Kayla's pj's? Thanks aunt Flora for the coolest (first) pajama's in the world. And Kayla loves them too. :)

We had an absolute blast doing the walk. Some people were brave enough to walk in heels, but everybody was dressed for the occasion. It's a good thing I have a rainbow of wigs in my closet. :P But a lot of money was raised to stop abuse and that's the main thing. And we had fun contributing to it! I'll definitely be doing it again next year!

After we dropped everyone who bummed a ride at home, we cleaned up and made some food! Then headed over to Liani's house for our annual Christmas dinner, which was a lunch this year. Don't look at me that way! We've had kids in the meantime, ok? Late dinner parties with babies is tricky! Haha!

Along with Lizanne, Lorenzo and their kids, Rita-Mari and Andre joined us too. I took a lot of photos of the food and table decorations, but like an idiot, none of the guests.

How do you like Kayla's fountain ponytail? I just love it!!

Thank all of you for an awesome meal and some awesome conversations. Liani, you outdid yourself with the decor and we loved it! Also, it helps that all of the kids are the same age. With Emily 'supervising' them as the oldest, the kids had a ball too. :) And aside from a bowl of butternut landing on the floor, I have to say that the mess was kept to a minimum. :P Let's do this thing again next year!!

See you again tomorrow. Hopefully! In the meantime, have a fantastic week!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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