Thursday, 11 December 2014

Pretty Purple Smokey Eye

Hi there!

As you may or may not know, I attended a Mardi Gras party over the weekend (No clue what I'm talking about? ...ahem... Monday's post). I obviously had to do my own makeup for this event, so I figured I'd make a tutorial out of it. :)

Now, Mardi Gras is typically more over the top than this look, but I did want to bring an element of festivity to my look. I found some Mardi Gras pictures via a Google search, and I learned from this that the main colours used in the theme are purple, green and gold. And just during the week before, I remembered that I own the Sleek I-Divine Original palette, which I've barely ever used. And there's a pretty cool purple in that palette. Thus the look was born. :P

I will say this. I bought a FLIPPING AMAZING glitter eyeliner specially for this look, WHICH I TOTALLY FORGOT TO WEAR. Suck. Fest. But I'll be using that liner for future looks, I promise. If you were near me at the moment, you would actually see the smoke seeping from my ears as the wheels in my head turn.

On to the tutorial!

 I applied my face before I started the look. >.< In other words, I applied foundation, concealer where I need it, powder to set, medium brown eyeshadow to my brows and a medium pink blush. I also applied some cream eyeshadow onto the entire lid (from under the brow to the lash line) and lip balm.

I like to apply the lip balm early on during my makeup routine so that it can sit on the skin for a while and really be absorbed. This helps that your lips feel moisturized but you have better colour payoff when you apply lipstick. (Because the lip balm can dilute the lipstick if it's applied right before the lipstick, if that make sense)

For more on applying foundation, Liani has a great step-by-step tutorial. I used to have one of these, but since my youtube videos are gone, I can't share it with you.
Now I know what you're thinking here. You're looking at this picture and starting to worry. Because Yolandie's obviously lost her mind... But I promise you, I haven't. I meant it when I said this is a PURPLE makeup tutorial. :)

I took a black eyeliner (the Kajal one from Essence) and roughly applied it to my eyelids. This doesn't have to be perfect at all, because we're going to smudge it out. Try to do the smudging before the liner has set. I used a fluffy domed brush, aka a blending brush, to do this

The black is going to act as a primer and a base for the shadows to follow. How?! Well, the black will actually enhance the pigments in the eyeshadow, making it pop more. It will also create a surface for the shadow to cling to, which will make it last longer. Just like a primer.

You could also use a white, or flesh toned eyeliner (or the same colour as the eyeshadow you're going to use, for that matter), or an eye makeup primer.

 I took another blending brush and the purple colour from the Original palette and applied this over the black liner.

Do you see that? Colour pop, my friends, colour pop.

I also applied a little bit of purple to my lower eyelid.

 I took a larger blending brush and I went in with this light, ashy shadow from Kryolan (M15), which I used to blend the edges of the purple with.

Here you need to blend, blend, blend. This is the step that seriously took the longest to do! I used windscreen wiper motions, working from the outer part of my eye inwards.

You really just want to soften the edges of the purple as much as you possibly can.

Everybody needs some kind of ashy shade in their makeup arsenal. Someone told me the other day that you can't do anything with brown eyeshadows. I nearly ate my tongue. Believe me, this little guy will become one of your most used weapons. It is one of the most versatile colours you can own!! Rant over. :)

Using my ring finger and Bobby Brown's Lilac eyeshadow, I applied the colour to the inner corners of my eyes and blended outwards. This colour just added a lovely opalescent shine. Of course, I needed more. So I got out my stunning white NYX pigment

 Using the same blending brush that I used before, I applied this to the inner corners and blended outwards.

 Using a angled eyeliner brush and the black eyeshadow from the Original palette, I lined my eyes.

Slightly pull the eyelid tight at the outer corner and line towards the inner corner.

Pulling the skin tight will help you get a crisper line and working from outwards towards the inner corner is always a good idea too. Why? Well, you want the line to taper from a thick to thin, just as your eyelashes are fuller at the outer corner and sparser at the inner. You're imitating that and working from the outer corner will help you achieve it. Thicker liner at the outer corner will make your lashes seem fuller too.
 I also brought some of the black liner onto the lower lid, about two thirds of the way in. I smudged it out to for a soft edge and then pulled this face. :)

Next, apply mascara.

 I applied some Duo lash glue to a pair of falsies (I used the ones designed by Nicola Roberts for Eyelure) and stuck the lashes when the glue got tacky.

 Once the glue was completely dry, I just made sure my eyeliner covered the lash strip all the way. Then I went in with an Essence eyeliner in silver (05 C'est la vie!) and applied this to the inner corners of my eyes, slightly smudging it for a softer edge.

 Some lipgloss, and I was done! Here's the final product (featuring my last minute DIY Mardi Gras mask! :P)

And that's it! Because I had clients during the course of the day, I applied this pretty early on in the morning (as in, before 10 am). I ran around a lot during that day, but the only touch up my makeup needed was a little bit of translucent powder for shine. The eye makeup didn't crease at all, which is proof that the liner as base did its work!

Have an awesome Thursday, folks!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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