Monday, 1 December 2014

The Plan

Hello Beauties!

Welcome back to another week and a brand new month too. I cannot fathom that it is December already. It's kind of scary to think that we're fast approaching Kayla's second Christmas. She'll be ripping off the wrapping of gifts this year, where last year, she couldn't. Next year, we'll probably be talking gift requests to Santa. And she'll probably want something like a bicycle and fall and scrape her knees... OMW, I need to stop now, because I'm freaking myself out. :P

Today's post. Warning, it's a long read, but I beg of you to read it anyway. It has some info you need to know and get back to me on.

Photo by LF Photography.

Recently, I wrote this. After this post, I actually got a lot of good feedback. It seemed you liked that post a lot. People felt I should do that kind of thing more often, which was flattering, to say the least. I also got some slack. But that's OK, because I totally get the point of those giving me the slack.

You see, I wrote that post saying how much I adore writing. And I do. It's an incredibly satisfying thing for me to be able to write this blog. But recently, I've been posting a lot of picture blog posts, where I would just get a bunch of photos off the web and share them with you. Here and there, people have started to complain about this. Someone actually went so far as to say that they could round up images from Pinterest themselves and therefore didn't feel the need to look at them here anymore. That was an eye-opener.

In my defence, there are obviously reasons for me writing less detailed posts.

I could go into a lot of detail here why, but I'm not going to make excuses. I know my posts aren't on par at the moment and I'm sorry. It's that simple. I will say this though, everybody is depleted this time of the year and I'm no exception. I'm tired and for a long while, I haven't had ideas for blog posts. I think the big problem is that I've been so set on blogging every weekday that I forgot quality is still better than quantity.

I've been doing this for three years now, which is awesome. And I've seen this blog grow from a measly seven views per day (all family and friends) to over 1000 per day. That's something to take note of. It's an amazing compliment to think that people all over the world actually care enough to read my ramblings on this side of the internet, and I love doing it. Now I dream of 2000 views per day. And when I get that, I might dream of 5000 and then 10000 and then even more. If that's selfish I'm really sorry. But I've learned to dream bigger than the average dreamer. One day, I might reach a million people per day and that would be truly amazing.

So I've sat down and thought about all of this and I've struggled with it somewhat too. I want my blog to grow and I want people to WANT to read it. I've been speaking to some of my family about this crisis and I think we've finally come up with the answer.

My game plan for 2015 is simple. Blog less, but bring up the quality. The ideas for quality blogs are as follows :

I want to bring you more posts like these (linklink, link, link), where I did some research and put in effort to bring you original and educational posts. Where I took my own photos and didn't use some random stock that I found on the internet. Where I review those products I can find that are cruelty free and maybe inspire you to go the cruelty free route. And where I share my own personal tips and tricks with you.

One of the things I get asked about most often is why I don't do makeup tutorials anymore. The few I have are probably not the best ones you can find on the internet, but you seemed to like them. Because people (who know me and those who don't) really bug me about this. You want to see tutorials! And you're pretty specific too. I've been asked especially many times to do tutorials on my makeup for Almarie's wedding and Kayla's birthday. Which, by the way, were pretty similar. I've long since taken my makeup tutorials off YouTube, because I'm awkward as hell on camera. But I'm planning on bringing you photo tutorials (without selfies) come January and if you push me far enough, I might be inclined to try the video thing again. Maybe. :P I've got a lot of cool looks planned!! Plus, I'm going to do a tutorial collaboration with the bestie too.

But the tutorials I'm planning for my blog will include special effects, costume looks and some more daring looks. I'll be doing nail tutorials and I might even try my hand at some hairstyles. I'll start doing art and craft tutorials like I did in the past, as well as share some more easy recipes with you. So if you have requests, now's the time to send them.

I'll do some posts like this one, focussed on writing. It's pretty requested from the readers and it's the thing I'd most love to comply on. Because I can ramble and write all day long. Well, not all day, because I've got a family to feed and a house to hold.

I'll still do posts on my personal life when big things happen and Weekend In Pictures, but less frequently. I find that the WIP posts take up so much of my mental space over weekends that I can't relax. I'm always pointing a camera at someone and I feel guilty (seriously) when I don't do the WIP on Monday's. But as I said, when big things happen, I'll share them.

As for the Favourites posts, I plan on doing them too, but maybe with less Pinterest and more of things I tried and loved during the month. This can and will include everything from makeup and beauty products to new TV series and baby products, to art materials and recipes. As in everything else I stated above can be included in my favourites. They'll be more personal this way, which will truly make them MY favourites. I'll still include a nice Pinterest photo when I feel I have to share it, but I'll try to do more effort with these posts too.

If you have any other ideas or requests, please get them to me. I find that people don't comment on my blog posts as easily as they just send me emails or connect on facebook or other social media. But whatever method of communication you prefer, get a message to me. I love hearing from you and I always try to bring you the content you ask for.

As for my blogging schedule, I don't know. Maybe I should commit to two to three posts per week? Let me know. I'm considering doing a specific thing on a specific day, like I did the WIP posts on Mondays and reviews on Wednesdays in the past, but I'm not set on that yet. I promise that I'll still blog every week, except if I explicitly state otherwise. Like I'm about to do.

My new blogging schedule will be set in motion from today. This means I won't upload a new post on every weekday anymore. I'll prepare better blogs for you and upload them during the course of the week, so watch my social media for updates. Another thing you need to know is that there will be no new posts between 22 December and 5 January, except to wish you happy holidays. :) I'm going to spend that time with my family.

Now that this whole mouthful is out of the way, I really hope to hear from you! Let me know what you think and what you'd like to see here. And we'll take it from there.

Have a fantastic week, folks!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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