Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Makeup trends of 2015

This probably won't be a very interesting post. You see, you already KNOW the trends of 2015, because they are basically the exact trends of 2014. It's a very predictable year in many aspects.

We see the return of heavy eyeliner, no-makeup makeup and pops of colour on the eyes and lips. Bright reds and oranges on the lips are back too. Bigger brows are still in, due to the likes of Cara Delevigne.

The only new trends are these ones:

* Lips and eyeshadow in berry shades.
When worn on the eyes, go for the more neutral look to the rest of the face. Flawless skin and nude lips complete this more dramatic look.

The same can be said for the berry mouth. Go for the bare minimum on the eyes and a perfect foundation to round off this look.

* Dark smokey eyes.
Deep gunmetals and metallic silvers is promised to be a big trend this year. And the bonus is that you already know how to wear this! Nude lips and subtle cheeks (if any) is the key to make the eyes pop even more.

* Bronzed skin.
I'm not a fan of this one personally, because too much bronzer can be ageing. It can also make i seem if you had a quick dip in the mud before your date. But heck, the runways have spoken! Heavy bronzed cheeks are apparently in.

* Brown eyeshadow.
As far as I can see, this trend seems to stick to more matte, ashy browns. It's simple to wear too, as it's basically a matte brown smokey eye. Loving this trend!

I love this trend so much that I did a quick tutorial on how to achieve it for you. I used the BH Cosmetics 88 Matte palette to achieve this look. Unfortunately, the colours don't have names, but they're in the bottom left, second row from the right. There are only two or three matte browns, so you'll easily find it. Any taupy or ashy brown will do. I also used Noir from Sleek makeup for the eyeliner.

* To achieve the look simply apply the lighter brown to the entire lid, smoking it out at the crease.
* Then bring the darker colour in, focussing the most of it on the outer corner and blending it inwards.
* Use fluffier brushes to get very diffused edges.
* Don't forget to bring the colour underneath the eye too!
* Line your eyes and apply mascara.

This whole look can be done in under ten minutes! It's a really pretty and easy makeup that will look great on everyone.

That's all for today!

Have an awesome week!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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