Thursday, 22 January 2015

Three Shadow Glam

Here's the scene. You're running late. The party is about to start and you just got out of the shower. Throwing the dress over your head is the least of your worries, because drying your hair is going to take time. Not to mention your face! So it's either fantastic hair or fantastic makeup. You just don't have time for both... What a disaster!

But wait! Stop, breathe in... Breathe out. 

What if I told you I can show you how to do really quick and really simple glamorous makeup. And you only need three eyeshadows for it? Bonus, right! You'll have plenty of time for your hair, because your makeup's going to be so easy to apply! :) 

What you'll need : 
* 3 eyeshadows (I used three great shades from Inglot; a silver, shimmery white and black)
* Mascara and false lashes (you can skip the lashes if you want to. I used over the top ones by Eyelure, though I can't remember which exact ones. They're heavy and flared.)
* Foundation, powder and blush (I used a rosy pink blush and an alabaster pale foundation)
* Something to fill in your brows (I used a light, ashy brown)
* Lip gloss (I used a shimmery pink)

My lovely model was Jacqui, whom I made up for this party

 * Step one.

Take my advice, do this step BEFORE foundation. :)

With a fluffy eyeshadow brush, apply the black eyeshadow as a base, working from the lashline to the crease. It doesn't have to be perfect at this stage, just make sure the edges are diffused (which is why I recommend using a fluffy brush).

* Step two (image below; left).

Apply the silver shadow over the black, focussing on the inner two thirds of the eyelid.
Then smoke out the outer third of the lid with a little black eyeshadow. You're simply doing this to blend the two colours into one another.

* Step three (image below; right).

Apply the shimmery white shadow onto the inner third of the eyelid, gently sweeping outwards to blend.

* Step four (image below; left).

Clean up the fallout under the eyes and then apply your foundation (and concealer if needed) as usual.

* Step five (image below; center).

Powder your face.

* Step six (image below; right)

Fill in the brows and line the eyes. I used a small angled brush and the same black eyeshadow from before to line the eyes. :)

* Step seven (image below; left)

With whatever eyeshadow is left on your brush, sweep some colour to the lower lid.

* Step eight (image below; right)

Apply the blush, starting from the apples of the cheeks and sweeping outwards.

* Step nine (image below; left)

Apply mascara. Make sure to get the lashes on both the top and bottom. Because Jacqui has such incredibly long and naturally curled lashes, I didn't need the lash curler here. But if you're skipping the falsies, a curled lash might be just what you need.

* Step ten (image below, center)

Apply some lipgloss. I wanted to go for something subtle that would catch the light, but still not be too overpowering when paired with the dramatic eyes. I did this step while we waited for the lash glue to become tacky, so it was good time management too! :)

* Step eleven (image below, right)

Apply the false lashes.

And that's the completed look! The whole makeup took me about fifteen minutes to do, but it could be sped up if you cut out the amount of chatter that was going on. Haha!

I also did Jacqui's hair! I'm in no way a professional hairdresser, but I think it came out OK. We went for a very boho / messy kind of look. I did a Dutch braid on the side of her head, ending in a messy bun on the opposite side. 

I hope to play around more with hair during this year!

Anyway, I hope you liked this. Stay beautiful and be kind to animals, 


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