Monday, 2 February 2015

Spot the differences!

I've been working pretty hard since last week to get all of my web-spaces updated. The Couch was included in this craziness, but I have to say that I'm glad I didn't leave it out. You accumulate a lot of junk over four years, let me tell you.

This post is just a rundown of what has changed, what's gone and what's new.

First up, my blog description has changed. It wasn't visible below the logo before, but I've decided to include it now. That's what's shown by the light blue arrow.

The dark blue arrow shows you one of the major changes. All of my social media links and links to blogs and websites I love used to be somewhere on the sidebar (green box). I've moved all of these to a page, the tab of which is on the top bar. I'm very proud of the little clickable boxes with links which I made for each one. Go have a look, there are some pretty cool things to see!

The purple arrow shows you a new page. My novels and links to buy them also used to be in the sidebar, but I've created a page with all of the info about each novel and links to buy them. I feel that this is more organized and more user friendly. Let me know what you think! Don't forget to download Roxanne's novel for free, and get your hands on the first two volumes of the Evangellion Trilogy in time for the release of The Queen's Fury in June!

The yellow / gold arrow shows that the Makeup Wall of Fame page is now missing. My focus has shifted from makeup to writing, though I still love doing makeup and will continue to do it. All of my previous makeup looks and all of my future ones can be found here, on my Facebook page.

The green arrow shows you the area I've cleaned up. There used to be a lot of clutter in the side bar, from all of the things mentioned above, to gif images to random junk. There's a lot less of that now. :)

This same revamp has extended to both my website and my writing stuff blog. Go have a look, because the changes there were more profound. New logos, social media icons and the works! I feel very excited about these changes!

And let me know what you think!

Stay beautiful ad be kind to animals,


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