Monday, 30 March 2015

Weekend In Pictures - Everything You Can Think Of

You should have read in the title - My Weekend In Pictures - Anschke Does My Makeup. Personal joke there, but I know I just made some people laugh and Anschke groan. It's my pleasure. :D

So, this weekend. A LOT happened. I wrote on every opportunity I got. I'm working on chapter FORTY of my new novel. There's 400 pages in 6 weeks for you. Watch this space peeps. The Queen's Fury is coming 1 June this year, and I at the tempo I'm currently writing, I'm going to share another novel later in 2015. #excitementintheair

My weekend started like this. Liani and I did the makeup for a wedding party on Friday at Galapagos Country Estate. It was the first wedding we made up together, can you believe it? But we had a lot of fun!

We unleashed the kraken on Friday night, when we allowed Kayla to play with 250 balls in the living room. She played to her heart's content and we managed to snap some shots of that.

On Saturday, I went shopping with Jan and Kayla. I picked up some makeup and nail polishes, and I'm so excited about my new Gosh primer! I love that stuff! After that I went to an Annique Sip and Soak event, hosted by my aunt, Karin. They raised money to buy special shoes for one of the most awesome human beings I've ever met, Suné from Chit-Chat And Cheer. We were pampered by the beauty therapy girls from Complete School of Beauty and we sipped on some lovely rooibos cocktails.

On Sunday, Jan and I were in the shops again, with Kayla looking at us like we were crazy. You see, I had a photoshoot with Liani in the afternoon and I still had nothing to wear in the morning... Luckily, I found a dress that would work and I was saved! Haha! Anschke did my makeup beautifully, while Kayla took some selfies on Jan's phone.

Then I had a fun shoot with the bestie. TOTALLY out of my comfort zone, wearing a mint / turquoise dress and fancy makeup. I mean, you've known me for long enough to know that 90% of the clothes I own are black or grey. So. But I think the shots came out nicely anyway!!

Here are the photos.

More on that shoot soon. I'm really stoked about it!! Right now, I need to go write. I am not obsessed, I'll have you know. I. Am. Not. (Fine. I'm obsessed. But don't tell.)

Have a fabulous week, folks!


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