Tuesday, 14 April 2015

My Weekend In Pictures - Vaal River Bliss

This was a very needed mini-breakaway, let me tell you. Jan had the bright idea to go away for the weekend, and we're fortunate enough that he has an uncle with this lovely place on the bank of the Vaal River. This means that we can go and unwind every now and then, which is an incredible privilege.

And, as I said, we both needed it. I mean, Jan works very hard and I just finished a book in seven weeks! Not to mention the little human living in our house, who devours our time and attention (we offer it freely, but she still devours it :D). That little girl has recently discovered running can bring one places at a quicker pace than walking. Pair that with her innate desire to climb up things and it makes for some interesting events in our life. 

Jan had Friday off, and we spent it just doing things together. In the mall, as it should be. :P This was the first season that we didn't really have a lot of clothes in storage for Kayla, left over from my baby shower. We were really very blessed to receive so much clothing in larger sizes on the baby shower!! Anyway, we had to stock up on some winter items for Kay, and Friday was the perfect opportunity to do that. I also worked on my new map for my new novel (stay tuned, more on that soon) and we got into the mode to relax for the rest of the weekend. I actually took some photos of these events, but they're so boring that I've decided not to post them. Haha. 

We left for the river early on Saturday morning and only came home Sunday afternoon (when our electricity problems started...) Since the pictures are pretty cool and a picture is worth a thousand words (I've been saying that a lot lately...) I'll let the photos do the talking from here on out. I hope you enjoy the scenery!

Disclaimer : if you're afraid of creepy crawlies, amazing scenery or cuteness overload, don't scroll past this point.

Oh, what the heck, you're going to scroll anyway. So go on. Scroll already. 


LOOK!! I HAVE ENOUGH HAIR TO ACHIEVE A PONYTAIL!!!!!!!!!! Haha! (I look like a manga drawing with it sticking out that way, but who cares?)

Right now I wish I could go back and chillax some more. It's super calming next to the river and I often feel like I don't have a care in the world when I'm out there. Read a good dent into the Terry Pratchett I'm currently enjoying. :)

Have an awesome one, folks!


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