Monday, 13 April 2015

Power Problems

Folks, we've been without power for a long time. It's on at the moment, which has me running around like a mad thing to get things done and charged while we have power, because there is a chance that it'll go off again in just over an hour. So.

I have a WIP post planned for you, because we went away for the weekend. BUT, the power was off when we got home, and it went off again at about half past six last night, only to come on again at 8 this morning. This means I haven't had time to download the photos, or edit them or write the actual post.

This little posty is just to let you know to LOOK OUT for the WIP post. If not today, you'll see it tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience.


*runs off to get a load of washing done* #housewifeproblems

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