Monday, 8 June 2015

My Weekend In Pictures - Fancy Pantsy

I'm still kind of in shock after this one. :) It was just really hectic. In fact, all of last week was kind of hectic.

If you've been reading the blog for a while, you might remember that my grandmother was really sick two years ago. I was pregnant at the time and we were very afraid that my gran had cancer. I asked you all to pray for her and it turned out that she was cancer free, but her gallbladder had some issues. Fast forward to last week, where my grandmother was suddenly hospitalised and conducted loads of tests upon.

To keep the story short, she underwent a pretty substantial surgery on Friday, during which they removed her gallbladder and an obstruction from her gut. The doctor gave her a 10% chance of survival and we were all very afraid. It was a pretty emotional week for my family. As it turns out, 10% was all she needed. My granny is a fighter, folks. Pair that with loads of prayers and a God who doesn't work in percentages, and my grandmother is doing very well. She's still on oxygen support, but she's ok otherwise. So please pray for her still.

I don't have pictures from Friday, except for ones of Kayla's outfit. Winter is coming. And Kayla looked the part. It was freezing on Friday!!

On Saturday, we went to a black tie event at Gold Reef City. Jan's uncle and aunt celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and this was the celebratory event. I did the makeup for Jan's aunt and two of his cousins before the event, but it went pretty rushed, so I don't have any pictured of that. Jan took some shots of the venue with his phone, so here's a glimpse.

Before we went to the party, I had to get ready too. Luckily it was smooth sailing after some dress issues. It also helped that Anschke came over to do my hair and makeup. I felt so purdy!!

It was a small and intimate gathering, with only the closest friends and family. The menu was awesome overall, but the mushroom soup first course really stood out to me. Everything was made up very elegantly too! I loved the black and gold settings.

On Sunday morning, Liani and I made up a wedding party at Avianto. As I typically do, I forgot to take pictures while doing the makeup. Sorry folks, I suck at stuff like this. But I think the bridal party came out beautifully. Not to mention that it was fun to work with Liani!

Afterwards, we met up with my brother and parents at Spur to have lunch. It was my brother's 27th birthday! Woohoo! Happy birthday, boetie!

After all of that, we just chilled. Literally, too, because it's been colder in my part of the woods recently. It's all good, Winter being here and all. :P The rest of my Sunday was spent relaxing. I needed it.

The biggest news of the weekend, of course, was my brother in law's engagement to his beautiful girlfriend, Preety. Once again congratulations! Willem, I recall a conversation (when we asked you to be Kay's godfather) when you said you would never have a wife. I'm laughing at you right now. Not only did you find a gorgeous woman to spend your life with, but she's smart and witty too. :) We're so happy for the both of you!! I wish you more love and joy than you know what to do with. May your life together be and incredible journey. Welcome to the family, Preety!!

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Have an awesome week everyone!


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