Monday, 15 June 2015

New Challenge

The usual gifts between myself and Liani involve bags. For a very long time it only meant handbags and purses, but then at some point baby-related bags were included. Every year, there's a new bag. :P Anyway, this year for my birthday, Liani didn't give me a bag. She gave me a small book, some pencils and an unspoken challenge : 'type less, draw more.'

Her gift to me was a drawing journal and a pencil set. I absolutely adore it! I'm honestly the first person to admit that I've been neglecting art in any form. For a long time, I only did digital art (I haven't done a digital painting in more than 6 months anyway), but lately, I've been missing the feel of a pencil in my hand. I am working on a map for the Salamander Series in pencil and markers, but I need to draw more. 


I've been following an artist on Deviant Art, Picolo-kun, who basically does a least one drawing a day. Last year, it was only doodles in black and white. This year, he picks a colour every month and does water paintings according to his colour of the month. It's amazing and inspiring. 

Basically, I want to attempt the same thing for a year. I want to commit to doing at least one drawing a day, in any media my hands itch for. Then I want to try and share the week's drawings here on Fridays, so you can see I didn't slack off on the challenge. It also forces me to keep up my end of the bargain, because I seriously don't want to look bad in front of the entire internet. :P

I have two drawings so far (I got the gift on Friday, so I have a drawing for Saturday and Sunday). I don't want to spend more than half an hour on a drawing. After all, typing is my first love and I've got novels to complete. But, drawing really helps my thought process, so this might just be the oomph my writing needs too. 

They're far from perfect, but I'm certain that they'll get better as I practice again. Or I hope so. 

I've recently been obsessed with stained glass. And stained glass is very unanimous with Beauty and the Beast in my mind! So this is a rose in a stained glass panel. This drawing is in pencils.

I suddenly had the urge to draw a very scruffy cat. I hope you can see it's a cat and not a dog! Haha! This one is in charcoal, pencil and pastel. 

I'll share the rest of the week's art on Friday. That means this challenge has made me commit to two things ; to draw every day, as well as blogging on Fridays. Does that make you happy? It makes me happy.

Have a good one!