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The True Price of Beauty

We've got a guest blogger on the Couch today! Nicola Winters wrote a post on behalf of Hudgell Solicitors about the dangers of using untrustworthy salons and also how to find a good one. This is really worth the read, because it's very informative.

I've written some posts in the past on how to treat salon disasters (read more about wax rashes here and hair dye disasters here). Personally, I avoid salons for a very simple reason. Most of them don't use cruelty free products and I just can't bring myself to use products that were animal tested for personal beauty. However, back before I went cruelty free, even I had a bunch of bad experiences with salons. I've had to have haircuts fixed more times than I can honestly count and I've had strange looking eyebrows and itchy rashes too! You know me so much more personally now, don't you think? :P

So, without further ado, I'm giving over to Nicola.

The True Price of Beauty – What you should know
Chances are a trip to the salon is a well-established feature of your beauty routine, and chances are it’s also a feature of your mum’s, your best friend’s, your boss’s – maybe even your boyfriend’s, beauty routine too. It’s a thriving £17 billion industry and on average, you’ll probably spend about £2,000 on beauty treatments and products every year (sadly as a bottle blonde, you can probably add another grand).
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So it’s no surprise that despite the economy, beauty salons are still popping up all over the place and with demand increasing, many are offering minor cosmetic treatments like botox and lip fillers, all done on your lunch break, hassle free. Well, that’s what they say….
For an industry growing as quickly as this one, and with procedures becoming more and more advanced you’d imagine there was some kind of governing body, right? Wrong.
The beauty industry remains totally unregulated and with customers after fast results at cheap prices, many salons are taking on unqualified or untrained staff to carry out a range of procedures using illegal or unapproved chemicals.
Common Complaints
Some of the most common complaints, seen by Hudgell Solicitors, happen during standard procedures carried out by unqualified therapists. Things to be wary of include:
  • Hair damage after dying
  • Bleaching or burns from waxing
  • Laser treatment injuries
  • Allergic reactions from chemicals
  • Scalp damage from hair products or equipment
  • Eye injuries as a result of eyelash treatments
  • Tanning injuries

Allergic Reactions
These are one of the most common side effects of beauty treatments and are usually caused by hair dyes or fake tans. The problem is that a lot of dyes contain an unsafe chemical called PPD (para-phenylenediamine) which can also be found in henna tattoos, and an allergy can flare up even if you’ve had the treatment done before.  It can be tempting to forego a patch test, but they are crucial as skin sensitivity can change; if you do react badly it’s important to visit your GP immediately as they can refer you to an expert in order to identify the exact cause of the problem.
Permanent Damage
Whilst we all want long, thick eyelashes, eyelash extensions and eyelash serums are one of the most problematic treatments you can get. The complaints from eyelash procedures are pretty worrying and range from darkened skin around the eye, to irises turning dark brown and even permanent, noticeable damage. Many dyes used by beauticians have not been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Association) and are actually dangerous for use on humans. Again, if you do react badly, contact your GP immediately and do not use any cosmetics on the area until totally cleared.
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So what can you do before booking your treatment?
  • Do your research. Don’t just go to the first salon you find online.
  • Check if the salon is registered with the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC) to prove their qualified
  • Check the salon is insured to carry out the treatment
  • Always have a consultation appointment. This shouldn’t be a 10 minute chat, this should be about 45 minutes
  • Request a patch test 24-48 hours before your treatment – it’s more important than you think!
  • Ask for the level of qualification your therapist has, a level 3 qualification is ideal
But what if the worst does happen? What if you do react badly to a dye or get a burn from waxing? Well it’ll probably come as surprise to hear that a botched beauty treatment is actually classed as a personal injury and depending on the injury you sustain, you’ll be able to make a claim. It’s not just about financial gain, but businesses need to be held accountable and prevented from doing so again.
Please see and share this infographic for more information.

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Thank you, Nicola, for that great post!

Just a last note before I call it a day. Remember to get your hands on your very own copy of The Queen's Fury now! If you haven't heard the news yet or you're new here, I'm a novelist. The Evangellion Trilogy is my first series and you can officially read all three books! I'm also preparing for the launch of a new series in November. Watch this space.

Have an awesome day!


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