Friday, 3 July 2015

Drawing Challenge - Week 3

I'm sorry for not posting earlier this week. I was hoping to share some news with you, so I held out for that. In the end, it didn't happen so I could tell you. Sorry.

This week's drawings were more in a colouring book style. :) I found it therapeutic, amidst all of the craziness.

On Friday, I felt like I needed to draw something slightly more detailed after all of the slacking last week. I did this pencil drawing of a sleeping kitten. Aww!! :)

On Saturday, I was lazy. I didn't draw. I know, I failed at my own challenge.

On Sunday, I did a simple drawing, where I just wanted to practice shading. This is pencils too. I wanted to do something simple, like shading, because I find that digital art has made me extremely lazy. I still drew everything, but the computer functions like 'undo' instead of erase and re-draw, and adjusting the tones and things with sliders, instead of getting the colour right the first time, has corrupted me. :) It's like I need to learn all of the proper art techniques again.

On Monday, the doodles started. I didn't have that much time on my hands, so I just scratched some patterns with fine liners. This particular one is weird and it happened in phases, as I crossed my desk. Every time I walked in that direction, I picked up a pen and added something.

On Tuesday, it continued on the same fashion. This looks like kiddies art, but let me tell you, it calmed my mind. This is felt tip pens in various colours, and the rest of the week's drawings are in the same medium. Wednesday and Thursday follow below. Both were drawn with stencils and felt tips.

And that's my week!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend. If you're looking for some light weekend reading, please have a look at The Evangellion Trilogy! You can get the whole trilogy as ebooks for under 10 Dollars! Be a dear and support me!


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