Friday, 24 July 2015

Drawing Challenge - Week 5

This week's art included some unfinished business. I finished a painting that I started years ago, just after I did this painting. The reason for the random painting session in between all of the madness in my world at the moment, is because I find myself selling a lot of my belongings. This includes some of the art I've made over the years. Since this particular painting was still incomplete, I couldn't sell it yet. Hence my finishing it. :)

This is acrylics on canvas, 120 x 60 cm. It was inspired by my love of the colour red. :P It's also still for sale, if someone is interested.

The rest of my drawing time this week was once again consumed by my map for the Salamander Series. The image I shared with you last week is obviously very different from this one. I decided against the colour in the end and opted for black and white instead. I wanted it to have a hand-drawn look, if that makes sense, which is why I cross-hatched so much.

It's still very far from done. This portion is about a tenth of the total map. I told you it's big.

I took out all of the place names and some other little details so I don't spoil anything. The little dots are cities and towns or important structures and landmarks. I'm very excited about this, folks!

It's also been a great help to soothe my anxiety at the moment. Getting everything done before this move is going to be tricky, which robs me of what little sanity I have left. I find that sitting down to draw calms me down every now and then.

Looking at it now, you can't imagine how long it's taken me to get it to look like this. All of the missing details are screaming at me. :P Just know that it consumes hours at a time. Those mountains. Not to mention the friggen dots around the coast... O_O

Anyway, I hope you like it.

Have a good weekend!


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