Monday, 20 July 2015

My Weekend In Pictures - Just keep swimming and fun with friends

It's been a while since I did a WIP post (see the last one here). My life has been kind of chaotic in the past while and nothing of note really happened. :) Well, that's changed.


This weekend was a busy one. Kayla and I spent Friday with my parents and brother, and we went on an outing to Lifestyle. Kayla's been crazy about fish lately and, since there are no major aquariums near our home, we figured pet shops would be the best place to show her fish. We were told that Lifestyle's pet shop has a nice variety of underwater life, and we were not disappointed. Also, there's a pretty cool kids zone at Lifestyle too, with all kinds of activities for the young'uns. :) Kayla had a blast. Afterwards, we headed to Clearwater Mall to have a bit of lunch.

On Saturday, Kayla allowed us to sleep until 8 in the morning. Folks, it was like Christmas in, well, July. I can't remember when last I had the pleasure of sleeping in.

(It may even be her big girl bed that inspires her to sleep a little later!!)

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 After breakfast, we headed to the shops. We needed to get some vacuum bags to make packing up linen and stuff easier, and we also did the last grocery shopping we'll probably do in South Africa. I've also been stocking up on winter clothes for Kay, since we'll be moving into another winter this year. Our planning. It sucks. I don't have photos of this process. While we were home, we emptied a few closets and sorted through some of the stuff we'll be taking with us.

Then, I met Liani for cocktails and dinner at JB's Corner. Can you believe that this was our first solo dinner and girl's night in the seven years I've known her? I'm just as shocked and horrified as you are. At least we're making memories. And, as she said on instagram, the next round of drinks will be in Germany. We had a ton of fun and I already miss her because of it. Besties for life!

I don't have any photos from Sunday, but we spent it with family. Next weekend's going to be fairly busy too, so I'll be sure to take my camera along for the ride.

FYI, most of these photos weren't taken by me. :) My phone is kind of crappy, so its camera doesn't take the best photos. Basically all of the WIP pics are from my mom or Liani. Haters gonna hate. (I cannot believe I just typed that.)

Have a good week!


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