Monday, 27 July 2015

My Weekend In Pictures - Showers and Swift Feet

Welcome back to my corner of the internet! I hope you had a good weekend. I'm about to share mine with you, so let's get right to it.

I have no photos of Friday, sorry. I even forgot to take a picture of Kayla, so hectic was my day. The most of the day was spent packing and cleaning and then we had my cousins over for dinner. I decided I would cook them one last meal in my house, so we went all out. It was a load of fun and also very bittersweet. But the next one is in Germany!! :)

On Saturday, we had Larissa's baby shower. I took a lot of photos of that! We had a blast looking at all of her gifts and we know little William is going to love all of his stuff. Well, he probably won't care, being a baby and all, but at least he'll be warm and snug! :P I sincerely hope that your little family flourishes, cuz. May you marvel at your son every single day and may your heart burst with 
love for him and his daddy every day. Love you. 

After the baby shower, we ran around for about an hour, and then we headed over to Jan's grandma for her birthday. Ouma turned 92, can you believe it! Unfortunately, she fell last week and was in bed for the visit. At least she and Kayla had some bonding moments together. :) We spent the evening with family and had the most delish steak you can ever dream about. I took the night off from taking photos.

Sunday morning was flipping freezing. I should probably get used to that, considering I'm moving into another cold season. We headed off to church and then our washing machine was sold and picked up. It's weird having your furniture sold from under you while you're still living in your house! Haha! Kayla's loving the boxes though.

After that, we had tea with my folks and left Kay there for my last date with Jan in South Africa. Scary. Stuff. The backstory here is that we bought ourselves tickets to see Lord of the Dance for our birthdays. When the Germany news broke, we were uncertain if we would actually get to see the show, because if the visas came through by this time, we'd probably be in Germany already. Luckily, we got to see the show! It was the last time Michael Flatley himself performed in South Africa, which made it even more amazing. I'm getting ahead of myself though. Before the show, we had lunch at Monte Casino and then watched the awesome performers of Dangerous Games. 

It was one of the best Irish dance shows I've ever seen, and seeing Sir Flatley in the flesh was incredible. I loved every second! Also, the costumes were pretty damn impressive! Loved it!

After the show, we went home and packed. The story of my life. :)

Have a good week everyone!

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