Thursday, 9 July 2015


Here it comes. Excuses. Brace yourselves.

I haven't blogged this week because the plague has befallen my home. Not the actual plague, mind you, we don't have fingertips rotting off or stuff like that. But we have been pretty sick. Kayla came down with bronchitis and I 'almost' have it, according to my doctor.

While Kayla is back to her old self, I still have bouts of coughing and general feeling terrible. And I sound like Darth Vader, which isn't a good fit for me. This is why I've taken the week off.

Also, I have a big interview for some pr for my novels coming up on Saturday, and I really need to be my best for that. Those of you who have been around long enough know how awkward I get on camera. Haha. *nervous laughter* More on this particular subject on Monday (hopefully).

I love you all and I haven't abandoned you. I just have the plague. Figuratively.


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