Tuesday, 29 September 2015

My Weekend in Pictures (Part 2) - Sunday at Oberhausen Sea Life

As I promised yesterday, the rest of my weekend in pictures' pics will be up today.

Kayla loves fish. As in, she ADORES fish. So what better way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon than in an aquarium. We visited the Sea Life in Oberhausen and this is what we saw.

Salamanders! Woohoo! Got me excited for the launch of The Salamander Series all over again!

We had so much fun, but nobody enjoyed it as much as Kayla. I think we should invest in a fish tank. I think that might make her year. :)

Just an update, we're not moving to the place in Düsseldorf. *Sighs* Will keep you posted though.

Have a good day!


Monday, 28 September 2015

My Weekend in Pictures (Part One) - Saturday in Düsseldorf

Hi there!

Somewhere along the line, The Bloomin' Couch hit a million views. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? We've been over the million mark for a while now, but I guess I missed the moment with all of the excitement in my life at the moment. Thank you to all of you who have been here from the start, to those of you who have fallen in and started to read since and to everyone who reads every blog I post. You're special and I'm thankful.

Since my weekend was so eventful, I'll share Saturday's pictures with you today and Sunday's tomorrow. There isn't really much of a story behind these photos, other than we woke up, got ready, left the apartment to look at another place to rent and then went to Düsseldorf.

We honestly just explored, saw the river Rhein and met some of Jan's colleagues for lunch at this cool place called Extrablatt. It was an awesome day, with blue skies and sunshine. Here are the images.

Yes. That is indeed a hand with a naked body, staring (STARING?!?!) into the distance, while trying to retain some modesty with a well placed book. Jan's comment was "And they call this art?"

Düsseldorf is an amazing city. I really hope to live there soon... Watch this space. I should be able to tell you tomorrow if we're moving there or not.

I'll have Sunday's photos of the aquarium up tomorrow. Have a good week, folks!