Monday, 21 September 2015

My Weekend In Pictures - Kids Day Carnival

Welcome back to the Couch!

It was world kids day on Friday and also the start of Oktoberfest here in Germany. Though the main feast is in Munich, there are some small attractions for that around my part of the woods. As you can guess, both of these things mean fireworks and general merriment in our area. So you'll be seeing photos of that.

Before I get ahead of myself though, here's a summary of my weekend.

Friday morning dawned with the sun. I was actually able to see it in blue skies, which almost caused me to faint. We hadn't seen the sun in a while, with all of the rain. :) Kayla and I spent the day playing around at home. 

On Saturday morning, we went to see an apartment, but that didn't work out. Circumstances. We spent some family time together, skyped with loved ones and relaxed.

Sunday brought more skyping (including excited gushing #watchthisspace) and general sightseeing around Essen. There was a massive kids day celebration going on and we walked around until the camera's battery gave out. 

Sorry for the unedited photos. Once I have a designated computer again, I'll be able to pretty-fy the pics. :P


Have a good week, folks!


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