Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My Weekend In Pictures - Rainy Days

It's late, but rather late than never, huh?

This weekend was pretty wet and windy. In spite of the all-encompassing drizzle, however, our part of Germany was alive.

There was some kind of kids-fair-thing going on in Essen, complete with a Pokemon kids tour visiting (who knew Pokemon was still a thing? Not me, apparently), so there was a lot of activity in the city. Street stalls selling all kinds of candy and a variety of rides had been put up everywhere, with music blaring and kids with painted faces running around on sugar highs of various intensities. To say it was alive with activity would be a vast understatement.

I didn't do much on Friday. It was raining, so we couldn't go anywhere. Then it stopped raining for about 15 minutes, before it started again. Rinse and repeat.

On Saturday, we visited our local Ikea (whoohoo!! My first Ikea experience!!) to shop for some furniture. Why am I so excited about Ikea, you ask? There are no Ikea's in South Africa. New things, people, new things! We didn't actually buy anything (except a potato masher, salt and pepper pots and a pillow for each of us. Three weeks in Germany without a pillow wreaks havoc on neck muscles), but we got a lot of inspiration for our new home. And codes. We got the codes of the items we plan to buy. :P

The rest of Saturday and Sunday was spent in the streets, amongst the fair-goers. We also made an appearance at the massive, three story bookshop I told you about here. Obviously, I found a copy of my favourite book, but I miraculously restrained myself and bought nothing. The main reason for this is that there were basically no English books in the whole book store. I can say a whole lot here, but I'll restrain myself again. Thank goodness for Amazon!

I'm telling you, I'm getting more excited daily for Christmas to come. Every weekend, more lights have gone up in the city with Christmas décor lining the streets. It's going to be magical. I just know it. :)

Now, the photos.






Wherever you are, in whatever language, Book, I'll find you.
Have a good night, folks!


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