Monday, 19 October 2015

My Weekend In Pictures - Exploring Mülheim

Hi there! I hope you had a good weekend.

As the title of this post suggests, we went exploring. For a moment, it wasn't raining, which meant we could venture outside. Shocking, I know. We didn't have a real plan, just to have a look at what we could find around the city centre and if there is a nice park in the area. 

In the times we weren't exploring, we were home, spending family time together and when we weren't doing that... Well, a certain someone, i.e. me, was binge watching Doctor Who. At this point in time, I'm going to take a moment to state clearly that I like Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. Twelve rocks (though the sunglasses, I don't dig...)! Also, Missy is hilarious! I might be run over by the next Whovian who meets me on the street for saying that, but I absolutely love her and what they've done with the character. I like her more than Clara, that's for sure. #bringbackdonnanoble

OK. Fan-girl moment done. 

Jan also got this new game for his Oculus Rift, called 'Keep talking and nobody explodes'. Lemme tell you, folks, it was intense. We tried out this game for the first time on Saturday night and it's really nerve-racking. Basically, one person wears the Rift, while the other person (or people) hold on to bomb diffusing manuals. So the guy with the Rift on sees a bomb with various puzzles and describes to the manual-wielding people what he sees. Those people find the puzzles (the manual holds the key to solving them) and tell the guy in the Rift how to solve each one, which ultimately diffuses the bomb. 

Now, I can talk rocks into eroding, but I'm not good with any kind of pressure. I struggle with Jenga, for goodness sake, because the thought of the tower collapsing makes me shake with fear. In this scenario, I had to help diffuse bombs! Man. The pressure was on, but we did it! A lot of bombs were stopped from exploding because of me and Jan. :) (Disclaimer : nothing but pixels were harmed in the testing of this game.)

Anyway, sightseeing. 

We found some pretty amazing places in the city centre, including the old Post Office Museum (we'll definitely go inside sometime) and some amazing interactive sculptures. 

The great find of the weekend was Oberhausen Ruhr Park, which is home to the coolest kids-playground I've ever seen. One moment we were still traipsing through a forest, and the next, we were at the foot of a chidren's paradise. Kayla had an absolute ball.


I'll be back again with a German Chronicles post, I promise. Sorry, my life has been kind of strange lately, but things have to get back on track again at some point. :P I've also got some other things happening behind the scenes, like the NaNoWriMo challenge in November. More on that here. I hope to share some of the things with you soon.

Until then, have a good week, everyone!


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