Monday, 26 October 2015

My Weekend in Pictures - New Faces and Places

Welcome back! I hope you had a sublime weekend. We had a pretty good one ourselves. :) This is how it went down.

Kayla and I spent the greater part of Friday indoors. I still have a sore throat and we've been struggling to get over this flipping cold. It's been three weeks since we've all been healthy... Sighs. Anyway, Friday's photos are of the sunrise, Kayla playing and some random things we did and saw during the day (including drinking this AMAZING flavoured tea Jan found at our local grocery store).

Saturday morning brought on some shopping. We needed some more warm clothes for Kayla, because she suddenly had this hectic growth spurt and most of her pants are suddenly too short. :P We also got some warm jackets for the winter. After that, we went home for lunch and then went exploring in our area. We found a great park and some awesome buildings, and the walk was awesome.

On Sunday, we met the South African folks at CentrO. It was awesome to be able to chat to people in our own language for a change! We dined at the Pfannkuchenhaus and just walked around for a bit after that, before we went home and chilled. Christmas markets are being put up everywhere!! #excited

Sunday was also the end of daylight savings time, which is still a weird concept to us.

Here are the photos.

That's it from me for today. Have a good week, folks!


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