Tuesday, 24 November 2015

My Weekend In Pictures - The Onset of the Festive Season

I'm about to recap this weekend for you. We drank amazing flavours of tea (and a lot of it), we played a lot, I typed A LOT, we watched a lot of Downton Abbey and some Doctor Who, we enjoyed a lot delicious food and drinks, and walked around at a Christmas market (I feel like I need to add an 'a lot' here). The market was closed, as our luck would have it, but we're planning on going back next weekend.

I took a lot of photos. Haha. I'll stop saying 'a lot' now.

Yes, my computer is set up on top of boxes. It works surprisingly well. :P

Sunday morning invader in dad's bed. Isn't she just adorable?

The last photos of the miniature stuff is special for my mad friend who will remain nameless. :D It's a train game, where you put in a coin and then move the train through the neighbourhood. We went all tourist on it and the people in the trainstation thought we were crazy. They didn't know it, but they thought right.

And can we talk about Doctor Who for a moment? Face the raven, anyone? I have so many opinions here. So many. But I probably can't tell you about it without spoiling the plotline here. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Geek moment over.

Have a good day, folks!


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