Monday, 14 December 2015

My Weekend In Pictures - Fun With My Folks

The title should probably have read 'all the same places', because that's where we went. But we wanted to show my parents the places we like to go, so that means Christmas markets. We had some delicious gluhwein and gluhbeer, some traditional food and sausages, and just enjoyed the sights. The only difference is the vast amount of people that showed up since we saw the same sights with Willem. If you thought it was busy then, you were wrong. It's like an anthill now.

My mom brought Kayla a variety of home made gifts (great fun for the kiddies!!) and Kayla adores it. Her favourite is a felt fishing pond and fish. I'll do a post on this specifically if you want it, but it's so simple to make and it keeps her busy for long stretches of time. Thanks mom!



Of course I played some Dragon Age! Jan was incredible and bought me the Descent and Trespasser DLC's, so I had a blast with that. I'll let you know what I think when I'm done, but I have to say, I love the Descent DLC so far.


Kay adores those owl gloves, even though we could only get them in a size or two too big. She can't handle most things, but taking off the gloves is often near-impossible. :P




We're having a lot of fun so far. The plan is to travel to Holland at some point and also see some of the other big German cities. I'll share the photos as soon as we get there. It's good to have my parents here and it's amazing to see their impressions of Germany. They haven't even been here a week and they imagine they could stay. :D

Have a good week!


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