Monday, 1 October 2012

Dover Castle

Hello beauties!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Congratulations again to Esmerelda and Kevin on their wedding. I hope many blessings find you two on your journey together!

Now, we get to the truly good stuff of our vacation: old castles. And Dover Castle is old.

It was on a windy Friday morning that we set out to Dover, the fifth of September. Can you say panoramic landscapes, breathtaking views and rolling, green landscapes, surrounding a castle that dates back to the first century? It was mind-blowingly beautiful!!!

You can also imagine what I would be like in an old castle, the fantasy geek that I am. Immediately, I was taken into a world long forgotten, with noble knights, dapper princes and fearless kings. And of course there was these two idiots... :D

It was a marvellous experience to run up and down (well, not really run) narrow, winding stairs, to see throne rooms and trebuchets, and to live some of the magic that Arthur and his knights must have lived. :)

Don't you just love it? The exterior of the castle gave me the chills. But it got even better inside, with fires burning in the fireplaces and actors playing the roles of kings and scullery maids. They took groups of children on tour through the castle, teaching them the ways of old, how they should act in the presence of the king, how they would go to battle and how they'd keep the castle clean and inhabitable.

The last two pics were from the chapel inside the castle. The glass windows were incredible to say the least. There is another chapel outside the castle, but unfortunately we couldn't go inside it. In the following two, you  can see Willem being Willem. :)

Real chain mail. Do you have any idea how heavy this stuff is? Considering the knights had to wear chain as well as plate mail, swords and shields, run up and down narrow, winding stairs and still have enough energy left to fight enemies, I have new found respect for them!

In the following pictures, we're at the top of the castle, looking down from the battlements. The first shot is of the old chapel and it's tower, which is so damaged due to being shot at in the second World War. It dates back even further than the castle itself, being probably the oldest building I've ever seen in my life.

This last one is of the famous white cliffs. It was breathtaking, really. And if you looked closely over the water, you could actually see France. Awesome.

In the following pics, we went down into the basement of the castle, where we found long, dark tunnels, of which I'm not going to put too many photos here.

Last, some of the scenery we found as well as a very old trebuchet. If you don't know what it is, Google. Learn something new. I simply knew what it was due to years of fantasy reading and even as many years of Age of Empires. :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals!


  1. Hey! Who are you calling an idiot?

    You're the one that allowed him to leave the house with socks like that...

    Miss you guys!

    1. Sometimes I don't know why I let him out of the house at all... (:

      Miss you just as much! Don't panic though, we're starting a London vacation fund again... Jan doesn't know yet, so keep it a secret!