Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Amazing fun in Oberhausen

Continuing from yesterday, I'm going to share more pics with you from my brother in law's visit.

On Sunday we went to CentrO's Christmas Market and on Monday we visited an amazing indoor kid's playground in Oberhausen. Kayla had a blast, but I have to admit that we 'adults' had just as much fun. I know a few people who would love it there too (AKA Franco and Lorenzo). We'll definitely be going back there when my folks arrive.

We had some yummy treats at the Christmas Market and I bought my first gifts for my loved ones back in SA. Here's some shots from that.




I would recommend this to anyone. You can see the happiness on our faces!

We went to another Christmas market on Tuesday (see a trend here?) and saw the biggest Christmas tree you can imagine. "Photos or it didn't happen?" Yeah, come back tomorrow! :D


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  1. Love the red, blue and white scarf! Wish i could be there with you, looks like so much fun xxx